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Dirteeze Industrial Wipes


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Dirteeze Industrial Wipes

Ranging from industrial wet wipes to non-woven industrial wipes, Dirteeze continue to develop a unique range of wiping products. From engineering and production environments, to construction and automotive markets, for contractors and mobile workers, the Dirteeze Industrial Wipes Range has the answer.

Dirteeze Industrial Wet Wipes
The wet wipes range has at it’s core the base material “Spunlace”, a strong and mainly biodegradable material designed to release the pre moistened lotions when required. At the same time it lifts liquid and grime to finish the clean.

All of our wipes are dermatolgically tested and contain aloe so they are soft on hands.

Dirteeze Technical Dry Wipes
The Dirteeze Non-Woven product range includes products for rag replacement, low-lint applications, food industry applications, working with solvents, oils, lubricants ,spills as well as technical process wipes.