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SpillFix General Purpose Absorbent

SpillFix General Purpose Absorbent


. Contains no harmful dust to ensure a safe spill cleanup
. Reduce clean up time and disposal costs by more than half
. One 50L bag absorbs as much as 4 x 20kg bags of “kitty litter”
. A 50 litre bag will absorb up to 60 litres of spill
. Made from an annually renewable resource
. No chemical residues
. EPA approved
. Fast acting

OA5OL 50 Litre Bag SpillFix GP Absorbent
OA15L 15 Litre Bag SpillFix GP Absorbent

It is estimated that the surface area of SpillFix Absorbent is Approximately 0.6ha (6000 square metres) in a single litre. The large surface area is created by the hollow channel structure. This is how it can retain up to 5 times its own weight in liquids.