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Hazchem Absorbent-Pads-Rolls-Booms

Hazchem Absorbent-Pads-Rolls-Booms

When you are dealing with a wide variety of liquids on you site you can waste time deciding which absorbent is right.
Spill Station Hazchem Absorbents can deal with a wide range of fluids from acids to solvents to pesticides.
This absorbent is available ¡n a range of forms including rolls, pads, pillows and booms.
See page 31 for a comprehensive chemical suitability guide.

-Super absorbent polypropylene micro-fibres provide broad chemical compatability. (see page 31 for more details)
-Dust free and low lint make these products suitable for food an beverage manufacturing.
-All pads and rolls are laminated with low-lint spun woven cover stock.
-Hazchem absorbents are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene.

-Pads and rolls in this range have heat bonded dimples to accelerate absorption
-Hazchem rolls have easy-tear perforation for easy handling and use.
-Colour coded yellow for easy recognition and fast response.
Code Descrijijon Size Grade UOM
CP303 Pad, dimpled, laminated 480x430mm 400gsm 100/pack
CP310 Pad, dimpled, laminated 480x430mm 200gsm 200/pack
CR311 Roll, dimpled, laminated, perforated 50mx500mm 200gsm Each
CR312 Roll, dimpled, laminated, perforated 50mx1m 200gsm Each
CB312 Spill containment boom 1.2mx75mm   10/pack
CB330 Spill containment boom 3.0mx75mm   10/pack