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Quickbund Portable Bunding

Quickbund Portable Bunding

The Quickbund can be fitted with a portable oil/water filter for outdoor use.

The Australian made Quickbund Portable Bunding System provides a safe and secure area for dealing with a wide range of liquids incLuding
acids, caustics, oils & fuels.
Manufactured from heavy duty XR-5, the high frequency welded seams ensure no leaking and provide maximum strength.
The fold down walls allow for vehicle and forklift access.
The Quickbund can be erected ¡n seconds without the need for tools. Simply position and unfold.
The Quickbund can be built to your meet your specific requirements.
Because it is so lightweight and portable, the Quickbund is ideal for all field applications including drill rigs, generators, refuelling & transformers.

Item Code Dimensions Capacity Pack Size Weight
TSSQB1 1.9x1.9x0.3m 1000L 600x700x100mm 10kg
TSSQB2 2.5x2.5x0.3m 2000L 700x700x100mm 20kg
TSSQB3 4.1x2.5x0.3m 3000L 700x700x150mm 26kg
TSSQB4 3.2x1.9x0.3m 1800L 700x700x100mm 19kg
TSSQB5 3.2x3.2x0.3m 3000L 700x700x150mm 26kg
TSSQB6 8.5x4.5x0.3m 11400L 800x900x300mm 67kg
TSSQB7 10x5x0.3m 15000L 800x900x350mm 75kg
TSSQB8 15x5.5x0.3m 24700L 800x900x400mm 86kg
TSSQB9 5x5x0.3m 7500L 700x800x200mm 45kg
TSSQB10 4.1x4.1x0.3m 5000L 700x700x150mm 32kg