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Outdoor Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash

Outdoor Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash

When the sun heats up shower pipes it can increase water temperature to over 50°C. Using this water to flush skin and eyes damaged by chemical. burns can cause considerable damage.
The Self Draining Safety Showers are designed to drain the water out of the shower and eyewash pipes when not in use and prevent scalding from water overheated by exposure to the sun.
The unique conical profile shower nozzle and solid spiggot 316 baLl valve will ensure years of trouble free use.
This style safety shower is available as a combination shower/eye & face wash as well as a shower with body spray for multi-directional flushing.

- Full stainless steel. pipes & fittings.
- Pipe wall thickness 2.3mm.
- Solid spiggot 316 baLl vaLve.
- Conical profiLe shower nozzle.
- Bottom water inlet.
- Self-draining design.
- Complies with AS4775-2007
- Complies with ANSI 1358.1-2004
- Full 2 year warranty

- Foot control pedal for eyewash
- Scald protection valve
- Flow switch
- Compliant signage
- Audible/visual alarms
- Lighting
- Anti-slip matting
Outdoor Emergency Shower/ Eyewash
Item Code Description
H-EXPSD18GS85G Outdoor Safety Shower w! Eye/Facewash

The AustraLian Standard A54775 states that correct signage for each safety shower is a requirement of compliance. They are made from stove enameLled aLuminium plate and over-lacquered fo extra protection. Signs come complete with bracket to attach to the shower
Item Code Description Size (mm)
H-EWS Eyewash Sign Metal Single Sided 300 x 255
H-SSS Safety Shower Sign Metal Double Sided 300 x 255
H-ESS Shower/Eyewash Sign Metal Double Sided 300 x 400

In addition the the Conical Profile shower nozzle that comes standard  with all, safety showers, these traditional shower roses are also avaiLable. These shower rose options are available in stainless steel or high impact ABS capped plastic.
Item Code Description
H-ABS YeLlow ABS Plastic Shower Rose
H-SSR Stainless Steel Shower Rose
H-PNR Red Nylon Plastics Shower NozzLe

In addition to the standard hand operation, this foot operation pedaL is also available for all pLumbed-in eyewash units. It is made of powder coated stainless.
Item Code Description
H-TFC Foot Operation Pedal